Closing Ceremonies at the Summer of Victory III

Between Memorial and Labor Day, those most American of holidays, I always make it a point to declare, “This summer is the summer of victory!” Alas, it was not so this summer. But the fates were against me, I tell you. Not only was I busy writing my master’s thesis, but my wife ended up on bedrest too as we awaited the birth of our first child. And Her Royal Cuteness came a few weeks early, roughly eight days before the summer was over. So it’s not my fault, I swear.

I’m sorry to report it was a summer of defeat, though by a relatively small margin. I played 38 games and won 17, a respectable .447 win average. I also played a nice mix of games, from Cribbage and Carcassonne to the World at War series and Washington’s War.  And there actually is a small glimmer of hope in all the number crunching. In two player games, I was 15-1-2, a phenomenal record in a wide variety of war and deep strategy games. I’m hoping this means good things when Joe returns from active duty (though he’ll probably still stomp me).

So although it wasn’t a “summer of victory” in the way I wanted, it was still an enjoyable few months of gaming. And these days, I’m learning all sorts of new tricks, including…how to game with a newborn in my arms. Awesome.

7 Responses to Closing Ceremonies at the Summer of Victory III

  1. Rick says:

    I ended up a few games over .500 this summer. Although I got in a lot more plays thanks to my ‘gamer wife.’

  2. Joe says:

    15-1-2 in two player games is ridiculous. Seriously. I can’t believe that you would consider that the summer of anything but “Victory.” In multiplayer games, you should consider anything over your average ratio as a victory of varying degrees. For example, winning two out of four in four player games is twice what a “middling” player should expect. While you are .500 in wins, that is actually double what an average player should win right?

    I hardly think that the hot streak I was on before I left will translate into any stomping when I return.

    I don’t keep stats. If I included Cribbage (in which Laura beats me mercilessly despite not knowing how to score her hand), Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Settlers, Small World, and other big multiplayer games, I highly doubt I would be sporting a record of 50% despite winning a crazy amount of Manoeuvre and H:RvC.

    • Joe says:

      Or was that always the point? Achieving that extremely difficult task of overcoming those odds? I think I forgot the explaination from when you first introduced your Summer of Victory concept.

      • John says:

        Really the purpose is sheer vanity when you think about it! 🙂 And I’ll compute my multiplayer standings at the end of the year. I usually finish in the top half…unless it’s Carcassonne.

  3. Rick says:

    John – You aren’t cut throat enough in Carcassonne. Think of it as an area control wargame and you’ll do better.

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