Blog Moving!

Dear Readers:

Well, we’ve been at this address for over a year now, but it’s time for us to move to another site. You can now visit us here:

Please update your bookmarks and RSS aggregators as soon as possible; we want to keep our loyal readers! We’ll keep this announcement up for about a month, and will then dismantle this site.

ALSO, if you link to us from your blog, we’d appreciate it if you’d update as soon as possible. Thanks!

4 Responses to Blog Moving!

  1. Rick says:

    Perhaps you should tweet this for our followers as well.

  2. Joe says:


  3. hipshotau says:

    I like to re blog some of your stuff. Let me know how best to push to you. Looks like you are self hosting?

    • Russ says:

      We have pingbacks/trackbacks turned on and still using wordpress, so there shouldn’t be anything necessary as long as there’s a back to the post.

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