John is a high school teacher from Minnesota. He is in his mid-twenties, married, and is the proud dad of a bright-eyed baby girl. In his spare time, John enjoys board games (obviously!), baseball, strategic computer games, roleplaying games, reading, traveling, movies, and discussing  theology and politics. If he were trapped on a desert island and could only take along one book and one board game, he’d pack Brideshead Revisted by Evelyn Waugh and Here I Stand so he could play all six sides and never lose. He also keeps a spreadsheet of all board games played May 2008-present.

Russ is an electrical and computer engineer who enjoys gaming, cycling, music, and technology. He began blogging in 2003 documenting the trials and tribulations in a young engineer’s life. While he had fun writing and playing with the technology, the content wasn’t quite up to scratch. He now devotes his blogging time to covering boardgames on Margin of Victory. He has a penchant for always searching for his next bicycle to buy, only playing competitive games to win (what’s this “have fun” stuff?), and discussing the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church with a fine pint of ale in hand.

Rick is a process development engineer and Russ’ younger brother.  After a long day of work, he comes home to his beautiful wife and two young daughters.  When he needs to escape from the estrogen he enjoys having the guys over for beer and board games.  Due to his love of number crunching, he often suffers from analysis paralysis.  And when he’s done thinking for the day, you’ll find him on the couch watching a movie or playing video games.

Joe is a federal bureaucrat and an Army Reserve Engineer Officer. Joe embraces numerous nerdy interests, such as history (particularly military history), sports statistics, and video games. Growing up, Joe had very limited experience with board games outside of the mainstream. He thanks John for exposing him to card-driven strategy games less than a year ago. Astonished by the depth and social experience they can offer, board gaming is now one of his favorite activities.

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  1. Yesterday I announced the Play-in-Public Campaign and today I got a positive response. You are a leader in our gaming community, so I wanted to call your attention to it here:

    Thanks for taking the time to review!

    Note: I don’t expect you to approve this comment since it is not relevant to this post, I just didn’t know how better to contact you!

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