Manoeuvre Toeurnament: Half-way Through the Groeup Phase

We are actually more than halfway through the Groeup phase of the Manoeuvre tournament but here are the results after 9 games. I’ll post some more updates at the conclusion of this phase.

Groeup A:
Sara 2-0
Rick 1-1
Hai 0-2

I think I need to eat my words on my initial assessment of this group. I barely squeaked out a victory against Hai in the first game after being down 4 units to 2. Then Sara trounced me in our match. She’s the one to beat now.

Groeup B:
John 2-0
Russ 1-2
Aaron 0-1

John took two quick victories against Russ to start his tournament. But Russ pulled off a victory against Aaron so he’s got a chance. This group could still go 2-2 across the board.

Groeup C:
Joe 2-0
Brad 1-1
Jess 0-2

Jess’s gut reaction when she saw her grouping has unfortunately been correct after losing to both Joe and Brad in one night.

So far the Russians have been the most used army. I think most people are using them to feel out the skill level of their opponents – pick a strong army but save the strongest in case they will need them in the re-match.

This has been a pretty exciting tournament so far stay tuned for more updates.

3 Responses to Manoeuvre Toeurnament: Half-way Through the Groeup Phase

  1. John says:

    I was a little disenchanted with Maneouvre in the past year or so, maybe the result of playing it a little *too* much. But this tourney has renewed my interest in the game and reminded me of how well designed it truly is!

  2. Joe says:

    The more I play it, the more I think it has to offer. It is very tense. It plays fast. Easy to learn, yet has plenty of clear play decisions for real tactical depth.

  3. Joe says:


    Group Charlie:
    Me : 3-1
    Brad: 2-2
    Jess: 1-3

    My last game, where I lost to the Americans, was a true display of hubris on my part. He destroyed 5 ottoman units without ever entering my half of the board. Thanks for the lesson Brad.

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