Worst of scores, Best of scores

My wife and I recently played a couple 2 player games of Tobago with very different results.

Worst of Scores
In the first game I had all the luck. Everything went along fine with the first few treasures: I was able to score some of the bigger cards while my wife snagged a 5 and a few smaller treasure cards. When we finally dug up the treasures she had invested in heavily the curses showed up. The first curse had her discarding that 5 card. The second treasure she only lost an amulet, but at that point though it was clear that I would win the game. I spent all my amulets and dug up the last treasure to end it quickly.

Final Score
Me: 63
Wife: 30

30 is a respectable score in a 4p game, but it’s the lowest score we’ve seen for a 2p game. It was also the largest margin of victory in a game. She probably should have scooped up an amulet before digging up a potentially cursed treasure, but some times you just have to risk it especially when you are behind. We still had fun and just chalked that game up to really bad luck.

Best of Scores
A few days later we sat down again so she could exact some revenge. This time the play was much more even. We went back and forth scoring well on each treasure. My wife had a lead, but the curses still hadn’t showed up. On my turn I had a choice. There was a treasure that was ready to be dug up that I could reach. But my wife had 3 stakes in it and I had 1. I opted to pass on digging it up and hope that the first curse would strike. I guessed right, but it the curse didn’t show until after she scored a 6 and two other cards.

The next curse came out a couple of treasures later but it was the last card so no one was affected. A few turns later and the last treasure was discovered. It required a lot of cards so we shuffled in most of the discard pile. We each had a lot of cards and counted them up. I was feeling pretty good until my wife revealed her score.

Final Score:
Me: 61
Wife: 72

72! I couldn’t believe it. That’s the highest score we’ve seen in a game. The total combined score is pretty amazing as well: 133 points! There’s a total of 139 in the game. But with one curse affecting no one and the big last treasure, only three cards would be discarded and they were all 2s.

Two wild games. We’ll see what the next game and treasures hold for us.

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