An Actual Conversation

I recently borrowed Pandemic from Russ for my wife and I to try out. It’s nice to play a game where we can play as a team instead of as opponents. The next day on my lunch break I read through the rules so that when I got home I could teach them to my wife. After dinner, we were doing the dishes and had the following conversation:

Me: “I’m excited to try Pandemic tonight. I read the rules at lunch and think it’ll play pretty easily.”
My Wife: “I read the rules, too.”
Me, with a completely shocked looked on my face: “Really!?”
Wife: “I opened the box and read through them while the girls napped this afternoon.”
Me, reaffirmed of my choice in my bride: “Wow, that’s awesome. I’m going to have to write a blog post on this.”
Wife: “Oh great, now all my friends will find out.”
Brief Pause
Wife: “Oh wait, they don’t read your blog.”
Me: “No one reads our blog.”
We both had a good laugh over that. (And thank you to those of you who do read and comment on our blog. We appreciate it greatly!)

We went on to play two quick games (one with 4 epidemic cards and one with 5) and won them both. Although the second game got pretty intense near the end. We were at 7 outbreaks and knew that the 8th (the one that would end the game) would occur if we didn’t treat Milan. I had the card to give her for her to cure it, but couldn’t pass a card and treat Milan. She lucked out on her card draw and we won on her next turn.

3 Responses to An Actual Conversation

  1. Sandblack says:

    Hi – nice blog!

    Had an urge to tell you of a variant my kids like. This is – as an additional action – you can take another city card. Means you cure diseases easier but in the end have much less time. You feel more in control but racing against the clock more.


  2. Jose says:

    Congrats for the blog! Here’s a reader from Spain so your statement is not true!
    I usually visit BGGeek but I’ve found really few blogs about wargames (my main interest).
    Your World at War AAR are pretty interesting and well explained.


  3. Rick says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Sandblack – That’s an interesting idea. You are essentially speeding up the game (bad) but possibly get the cards needed for cures by drawing instead of trading them (good). Seems like it would be a good balanced additional action.

    Jose – We’ll definitely be playing and blogging about more wargames in the future: Twilight Struggle, World at War, Here I Stand, Manoeuvre, etc. are some of our favorites. And I know Russ and John have a few mores games on order that we’re looking forward to checking out.

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