Table Foul!

Last Saturday, the most grievous of tables fouls was committed. Tired from six and half hours of class, two and half hours of driving, I sat down at my brother’s table for a friendly game of Small World.

Laid out next to me was the board and all the wonderful thick cardboard pieces; intricately illustrated with amusing pictures. To my left was a game aid and the rulebook. And there in front of me–what made Milwaukee famous and makes a loser out of me–beer, Goose Island nut brown ale.

It was early in the game, ability race combination were still being picked when it happened. Looking for the slightest advantage I could find, I reached for the player aid trying to figure out what would be better, Orcs or Sorcerers. Crash! My beer spills across the table!

All the players move lighting fast lifting things and rushing to get paper towels. The damage? A slightly wet rulebook. After drying, barely noticeable, just a bit crinkly along the edge.

Maybe there is something about keeping drinks off the gaming table.

4 Responses to Table Foul!

  1. John says:

    It must be said:

    1. The beer was mine (leftover from RC the previous week).

    2. The game was mine (loaned to Rick).

    Triple table foul, Russell. TRIPLE.

  2. Rick says:

    By the way, Russ ended up picking Sorcerers. And although he didn’t get to use the Sorcerers special ability (or maybe he did once) he still scored lot of points with them. He took over the mountains and held those even in-decline.

    Final score:
    Russ: 108
    Rick: 98
    Aaron: 88

    A fairly close game, unlike my debacle last night in a 5p match…

  3. […] looking at how the different races/powers work in the start or end game.  After these 2p and the notorious 3p match my strategies are sound.  She has been playing more casually: she still maximizes her score each […]

  4. JimmyBean says:

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