Heading Home

Well, it’s been an amazing six days at the World Boardgaming Championships. We’ve played, laughed, and learned a ton, and this trip has been more than worth it! Russ and I are dropping by the vendors’ room one last time to browse and pick up brochures, and then will turn our gaze west, to home. We’re returning with four new boardgames, dozens of new ideas for our blog and our gaming, and a lot of fond memories. Stick with us over the coming weeks as we sort it all out and reflect on the experience.

6 Responses to Heading Home

  1. Joe says:

    what did you guys pick up?

    • John says:

      No Manoeuvre–GMT never brought any copies, as they are truly out.

      I bought Small World and Carcassonne, games to play with the family and at Roamin’ Catholics.

      Russ picked up Eisenbach gap and the expansion, Death of the First Panzer.

  2. Greg_FL says:

    I really enjoyed the blog enteries over the last week. Sounds like you had a blast, this is one of my bucket list cons that I have to make it to at some point but its a long drive from Florida. Thanks for sharing the experience!

    • John says:


      Thanks for your comment. How did you hear about us, if I may ask? (And keep reading–we’ll be cleaning up some of these posts, adding pictures, etc.)


      • Greg_FL says:

        I believe I caught your post on BGG.

        Between your blog and a a post on the point 2 point forums that was really found.

        I now have your site bookmarked and will stop back often for the updates. Thanks again for sharing the experience.

  3. Russ says:

    I picked up Eisenbach Gap and it’s expansion The Death of the 1st Panzer. I read the rules on the drive home and am really looking forward to bringing this to the table.

    John picked up Small World and Carcassonne.

    It was a long drive from Minnesota. We’ll be posting more thoughts on the WBC, including answering the questions “Was it worth driving over 1000 miles to attend?” so stay tuned.

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