WBC, Day 1: Russ’s Perspective

To be honest, I’m just glad we finally arrived. After all the time spent in the car, I was ready to be done. Of course, Mike, John, and I did make a detour to the Gettysburg battlefield and visitors’ center. It was a great choice and I really wish I could have spent more time there reading all the descriptions and watching the videos in the museum, then walking the battlefield and trying to place myself back in time during the heroics and the tragedy. But, we had a time table to keep and more driving ahead of us.

Walking into the Lancaster Host after dinner, I couldn’t really believe I was doing this. Am I really this hardcore about board games that I traveled across country to be here? I mean, I really only know a few games all that well to feel comfortable in tournament play. I’m actually pretty new to the board gaming scene too. But it was time to jump in feet first.

John and I picked up our badges, got our pictures taken—just in case we actually won a tournament—and proceeded to get a lay of the land. Basically, we saw tables laid out all around the lower level of the hotel and ready to be taken over by eager gamers.

Pro Tip: When losing, don't be afraid to adopt intimidation tactics.

Pro Tip: When losing, don't be afraid to adopt intimidation tactics.

Unfortunately, we were both spent from the travel of the past few days. Meeting new and interesting people when your brain is slowly turning to mush isn’t exactly an easy prospect. So, we pulled out 1960: The Making of the President and played each other for only the second time. And despite owning the game, I once again lost to John. As we played, more and more people started filling into the room wearing the blue WBC badge. It was strange and amazing to think this many people were this excited to play board games with complete strangers.

Tomorrow, I hope to meet and compete against some of these people. I also want to score more victory points than them and leave them in stunned awe of my strategic genius, but that’s a post for tomorrow.


3 Responses to WBC, Day 1: Russ’s Perspective

  1. John's Wife says:

    Wow, Russ… those glasses… they’re something else.

  2. Would it be okay for me to use this photo on the WBC website? I’ll give you and your blog credit.


    • Russ says:

      Are we going to start a new trend of board gamers wearing sunglasses?

      Anyway, yes you can use it. I believe we also have a high resolution one we can email you.

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